Feb 3, 2011

From The Pile: Batman Life After Death

Batman: Life After Death
While Bruce is playing Doctor Who, Dick is handling the reigns as Batman. Dick is doing a great job so far from what I've read of the Dick Grayson era of Batman. Can he keep up the job? Lets see if he can in Life After Death.

There's a new black mask in Gotham (I didn't even know that the original black mask had died, but now I know how he died and who killed him). and he's causing a war between the criminals of Gotham, then again, they are always at war. There is always a crime war in Gotham. Even worse, the Falcone family has return to town and trying to make a comeback (The Faclone's are from the Loeb batman books Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory both must reads along with Batman: Haunted Knight)There also the return of the Reaper (also must read Batman: Year Two: Fear The Reaper) , and appearances by the riddler, a naked penguin (yuck), the huntress, and catwoman. Catwoman even picks up her own version of Robin with Catgirl. Good Batman story is always a good mystery story, it was a good ride finding out who the Black Mask really was. Tony Daniel does a great job writing and drawing in the book, something you don't see much in comicbooks today. Batman Life After Death is a must read for any batfan.

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