Feb 4, 2011

From The Pile: JLA Crisis of Conscience

JLA: Crisis of Conscience (Identity Crisis) (Countdown to Infinite Crisis)
   Identity Crisis has ended( I highly recommend that you read Identity Crisis (DC Comics) before this, a must read trust me). Green Arrow, Hawkman and the others involved with the mind wiping of Criminals and Batman now must suffer. Will the JLA make it though this crisis like the have so many many many many many many times before? Crisis of Conscience is a great story, a fitting aftermath to Identity Crisis, filled with emotion, pissed off villains, pissed off and sad Batman( he punches Hawkman, the only man other than possibly superman or wildcat that could get away with it), and a few shocking surprises thrown in. It made me want to find the next JLA book after this. Yes, it is a countdown book, NO DON'T GO AWAY! it's actually pretty good. The best out of the 2 that I've read so far. The book suffers from "You gotta read these books before you read this one" syndrome.Green Lantern: Rebirth ,Superman/Batman, Vol. 2: Supergirl, and a batman book I can't remember are some that you may have to rad to understand some of the stuff happening in the book. I recommend this book as a great follow up to Identity crisis, and a good read overall.

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