Feb 16, 2011

Think about this: Gordan Freeman with the portal gun.

I was reading an article about portal 2 in Official Xbox Magazine [with DVD] (1-year auto-renewal) (great article by the way) and in the small print interesting facts they have at the bottom of every page stated that Half-Life and portal was in the same world(if you was paying attention in HL EP2 you would know this already) and I began to think, what if Gordan Freeman gets the Portal Gun? Oh the possibilities! First, you would have to explore the the world of Half-Life trying to figure out what can hold a portal and what can not.I assume any thing metal can not hold a portal, or it could be only certain metals can or can not hold one.Roads, cement, plaster, bricks, drywall, and I'm sure many many many more things can hold a portal. Rock could be tricky, some could, some could not, it just depends on what kind and what it's made of. But you don't care what can or can't hold a portal, it's all about using it to kill some fuckers! Dropping cars, exploding barrels, ant lions, head crabs, and a hell of a lot of other shit on a bunch of combine is going to be fun to do and watch.Need to go a sniping spot? Use the portal gun! When you get to the spot, make sure to get rid of the portal, you do want combine fallowing you in don't you? The applications for the portal gun in puzzle solving could be endless. For some reason, you can't use the gravity gun, and you gotta cross a sand area on top of a ant lion hell hole, and there's a overpass, time to have some fun with portals! What would you use the portal gun for in half-life?

now because this was a portal post..... here is still alive(if you have not beat portal..... don't watch, you gotta earn that right)

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  1. I'm one of those horrible people who didn't play Portal :S