Jun 27, 2011

Supreme Court To Califonia " Video Games RULES!"

In a 7 to 2 ruling today, the supreme court strikes down the California law making it illegal to sell video games to a minor. Video Games are protected under the first amendement like all other media, and they can not be restricted to what the content is. This prevents and ends other states from doing this. This is a great victory fro video games and for gamers as well. I wonder what those GTA hating, bible lovers are going to do now? I know one thing, we will not play a "Jesus adventures" game.....unless he gets to kill people and gets down with whores. :)


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  1. I totally agree with the supreme courts decision. Its parents who are to blame for their kids behavior and not the games itself. I wrote an article about the ruling as well. I will say without a doubt every parent of a gamer will hate me but I'm just stating the truth people neglect to look at.
    But overall great article Jbnet211 I love the arnold picture you choose for it. lol Keep up the great work.