Dec 21, 2010

From the pile: Superman Red Son

Superman: Red Son (Elseworlds)
What if superman landed in soviet Russia? What if Lex Luthor and Louis Lane was married? What if Batman was a terrorist? All these and more can be found in Superman Red Son, a"what if" tale of soviet Superman and what the world would be like. 
A great story, I never got lost or bored with it. Seeing what the major players in the DCU would be like if superman's ship landed in the Soviet Union was very interesting. a unchecked Luthor taking over the world (except Russia) was disturbing, yet very interesting as well. Also seeing Wonder Woman, Batman, Lois Luthor (yea that's right....LUTHOR!) and the Green Lantern corps is like if a soviet superman was all in this alternative universe was great to see. The ending was a little confusing, does Earth become a Luthor controlled Krypton, or it was all along an alternative Krypton? Most people put off these "what if" books like the elseworlds series, but I like them. I recommend Superman Red Son and the other elsewords books, all are a great read.

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  1. It's true that ending is unclear. A little Planet of the Apes remake-ish.

    What did you think? Somehow I didn't dwell on it but I would guess an alternate reality that is cyclic.

    How did this stack up for you compared to other Mark Millar works?